Works by Roland

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abstract volcano painting

RS-001 "Moonlight Walk On Volcano" 10x17"

giclee print available

abstract volcano painting

RS-031 "Volcano Series - Pahoa Nights" acrylic 2015

stylized lava streams at night

RS-032 "Volcano Series - The Red Stream" acrylic 2015

stylized lava spout in moonlight

RS-026 "Serenity" 11x14 acrylic 2015

stylized volcano painting

RS-025 "Volcano Series No. 4" 24x36 acrylic 2014 [sold]

hydrant casts dog shadow

RS-034 "Man's Best Friend Cast By Dog's Best Friend" photograph 2016

Natatorium in Waikiki

RS-023 "Natatorium II" 11x14" acrylic 2013

Birds in Paradise

RS-003 "Birds in Paradise I" 15x23' giclee print available

Birds in Paradise 2

RS-004 "Birds in Paradise II" 15x23"

giclee print available

Natatorium in Waikiki

RS-006 "Natatorium" 6 3/4 x 15

giclee print available

paddler on the Ala Wai Canal

RS-002 "Paddler on the Ala Wai I" 11x14"

giclee print available

gazebo at I'olani Palace

RS-013 "Gazebo at I'olani" 1x14"

giclee print available

woman and cat in blooming garden

RS-012 "French Spring" 16x20"

giclee print available

color study based on Sans Souci Beach

RS-009 "Sans Souci" 16x20"

giclee print available

kayak paddler on Ala Wai Canal

RS-005 "Paddler on the Ala Wai II" 7x12"

giclee print available

abstract volcano painting

RS-001 "Moonlight Walk On Volcano" 10x17"

giclee print available

Princess Ka'iulani feeding peacocks painting

RS-019 "Ka'iulani Fedding Peacocks" (sold)

model posing at dressing table

RS-011 "In The Morning Light" 14x18"

giclee print available

impressionist garden

RS-027 "Woman In The Garden" 20x24 acrylic

vintage looking lady with ukulele

RS-022 "Lady With Ukulele" 16x20" oil (sold)

Princess Ka'iulani envisioned at an older age

RS-014 "Princess Ka'iulani" 16x22" oil (sold)

giclee print available

vintage looking Hawaii wahine

RS-017 "Women Musicians" oil (sold)

Diamond Head viewed from a Waikiki beach

RS-016 "Diamond Head From Waikiki" 4x6 acrylic

impression of a volcano

RS-024 "Volcano 2" 8x10" acyrlic 2013

landscape done in a Monet style

RS-020 "Monet's Garden" 30x40" acrylic (sold)

Japanese woman on a foot bridge

RS-018 "Contemplation" 20x24" acrylic (sold)

two women boating on the Ala Wai

RS-015 "Two Women on the Ala Wai"

giclee print available

elegant table setting tea break

and of course, countless greeting cards, many featuring set-ups from his "infinite" tea cup and dish collection!

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