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About the Artist Edd Tokarz Harnas


I work in various painting and drawing media and am most interested in portraits, figures and landscapes. If there is a historical aspect to the scene, all the better.

This may encompass the subject or the art style as I continue to study the various techniques of past artists.

Some of the artwork in my Etsy shop is done with a basic ballpoint pen. I find that I'm one of the few using this quite common medium, and have shown pen drawn pieces in juried exhibitions and gallery shows.

There are two main reasons I like drawing with the ballpoint pen. 1) There is the ease and convenience...

If I have some extra time, I can pick up where I left off. There's no setup, and no messy clean up, etc.

The 2) reason is that I like how the piece can have that "etching look" at the end. While most traditional ink drawings use the cross hatch style, a ballpoint pen drawing is similiar to using a drawing pencil.

Unfortunately, this "etching texture" never really shows up well in photographs, but it is definitely noticeable when you look at the actual piece.

The trick, through trial and error, is finding the right pen: comfortable to use and "responsive" (ever pick up a pen, and have to scribble for a while before it starts! I HATE THAT!) Finding the right paper is also important.

My work has been show in various exhibits, selected by many curators and artists of renown, throughout the United States, and internationally via the world-wide-web.

This has given me an opportunity to share my artwork with a wide audience of art connoisseurs and collectors.

Collectors concur that my works exemplify sensuality in a distinctive representational style.

I'm proud to say my work is included in private collections throughout the United States as well as Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Here are some comments from previous collectors:
Very beautiful
Very talented artist.
Great art. Great artist
Absolutely beautiful artistry!
Great painting, like it a lot!
Great drawing..simply superb!
WOW, WOW & WOW again!!
I got it!!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!
"You are a very talented artist! I enjoyed viewing your website.

Very nice piece, poised comfortably between the ethereal and the substantial.

The wide range of subjects and medias are great. I particularly like your portraits."

I live and work in Waikiki, Hawaii. Besides near perfect weather and many beautiful locales for inspiration, Hawaii has given me a chance to realize, if only partially, a long held interest of being involved with the movie/television industry.

As a result, I've done background work on [probably my favorite show of all time] "LOST" and "Hawaii Five-0," as well as movies like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Usually, I'm in wedding, funeral or airport scenes!

EXHIBITED, selected


Represented by West End Gallery.

cover Harnas art book

A new book of selected artworks covering several years is now available at Lulu.com.

My previous small book of artwork is still available at Lulu.com.

See what my duaghter is up to with her artwork at Truly Amelia.

Also, my good friend Roland, working more in a traditional Impressionistic style, offers some of his artworks for you to see via this website.


Due to a serious spamming issue, I need to restructure how visitors to my website can email me. Since links and forms invite too much spam, the alternative is the good ol' fashioned way of manually addresing your email:

contact @ eddtokarzharnas [dot] com.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems the best alternative.

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