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Edd Tokarz Harnas

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painting outrigger paddlers turn

ETH-2672 "Cross Purposes" 16x20 oil on canvas 2016

drawing woman blue theme

ETH-2370 "The Woman In Red (I Can Lie Too)" 11x14 charcoal/acrylic 2017

oil painting homeless man sleeps on sidewalk

ETH-2735 "Storm Und Drain" 16x20 oil 2017

painting 2 women one is laughing

ETH-2680 "Blossom & Flo" 8x10 oil 2016

vacationers ignore building destruction

ETH-2702 "Look What They've Done To My Song" 16x20 oil 2017

isolated wave of the Pacific Ocean

ETH-1643 "Pacific June Zero Nine" oil 9 x12 2009

old style portrait of innocent young man

ETH-1783 “Il Giovane Santo” oil 6x6" 2010 [Private Collection]

night blooming cereus painting

ETH-2323 "Audrey 5/19" 8x10 giclee on canvas 2011

impressionistic pencil portrait

ETH-2650 "ECHR 10" pencil & acrylic 8x10 2016

ETH-1639 "Study" ripped" oil 8x8" 2009 [Private Collection]

fireworks over the ocean

ETH-1833 "Pacific Pyrotechniques No. 1" oil 9x12" 2010 [giclee on canvas available]

ETH-2272 "Strangers in the Night" oil 11x14" 2011

more palm trees in evening light

ETH-1557 "Hawaiian Twilight" oil 16x20" 2009

portrait of a horse

ETH-0870 “Horsehead #39" coloured pencil & acrylic wash 14 1/2 x 18 1994 [Private Collection]

palm trees in evening light

ETH-2249 "Evening Palms" oil 9x12 2011

concrete stairsteps

ETH-0939 "Anagogic 2" Bic pen 13x13" 1996 [Private Collection]

nude male swimming

ETH-2260 "Upstream" oil 11x14" 2011

an eye looks out from leaves

ETH-0501 "A Death Less Than Natural" pencil 18x21" 1988 [Private Collection]

surfer ready to catch a wave

ETH-1715 "Incoming" oil 16x20 2009 [giclee on canvas available]

melancholy Amelia in a green dress

ETH-1485 “Portland” oil 9x12" 2008 [Private Collection]

Nippon Keigin Kogyo metal pail

ETH-2201 "Made In Occupied Japan" 6x8" oil 2010

an ocean wave with white cap

ETH-1791 "Crest of the Wave" oil 14x18 2010

mixed media portrait

ETH-0761 "Portrait, in Black & White #37 (Mark's Wife Following the Mormon Pageant)" mixed media 18x24" 1992

ETH-2253 "Tribute to Duke" oil 8x10 2011 [Private Collection]

painting of tourists on Waikiki Beach

ETH-2440 “Tourists” oil 12x16" 2013

pencil elephant drawing head

ETH-2570 "Trigger Warnings" 8x10 pencil and acrylic 2015 [Private Collection]

mixed media portrait

ETH-0744 "Portrait, in Black and White #35, Purple Julie" mixed media 53x54" 1991 [Private Collection]

face studies in a grouping

ETH-2359 "The Backup Singers" oil 18x24 2012

close up of a waterfall

ETH-0460 “Waterfall IV” acrylic 28x40" 1988 [Private Collection]

European selfie

ETH-2239 "Probably Nijmegen" 8x10 oil 2011

moon refeclted in gentle ocean waves

ETH-2360 "Night Sky" oil 8x10 2011 [Private Collection]

4 face studies in a grouping

ETH-2372 "Locard's Exchange" oil 12x16 2012

portrait in heavy shadow

ETH-2396 "Never Backtalk A Big Girl" 12x15" oil 2012 [Private Collection]

little children at play and the Lincoln Memorial

ETH-0676 "...as in the hearts of the people..." pencil 9x13" 1991 [Private Collection]

colors and patterns of rocks

ETH-0631 "Rockbound 15" acrylic 16x20 1990 [Private Collection]

Makapuu Beach

ETH-2213 "Makapu'u, Oahu" oil 29x60" 2011 [Private Collection]

portrait rejected from 2012 Schafer competiton

ETH-2288 “Portrait of the Artist, Pissed Off By a Variety of Things” oil 10x10" 2011

surf pounding rocks on North Shore

ETH-2248 "Grater" oil 16x20" 2011

light plays on clapboard house

ETH-0779 "Morning Lingered As I Awaited You" acrylic & coloured pencil 10x12.5" 1992 [Private Collection]

Princess Ka'iulani in black and white

ETH-1418 "Ka'iulani" oil 11x14" 2008 [giclee on canvas available]

face studies in a grouping

ETH-2349 "Velvet Bach's Revolt" oil 18x24 2011

male nude swimming

ETH-1262 “Glide” oil 16x20" 2005 [Private Collection]

Beach Park palm trees

ETH-1800 "Beach Park" oil 18x24 2010 [giclee on canvas available]

face studies in a grouping

ETH-2382 "Helen At The Pump" oil 18x24" 2012

view of Grant's Tomb

ETH-0600 "Let Us Have Peace" coloured pencil 18x24" 1990 [Private Collection]

lava entering the sea at night

ETH-1512 "Fire and Sea" oil 8x10" 2009 [giclee on canvas available]

landmark in Corning NY

ETH-0514 "Centerway Clocktower #3" pencil 15x20" 1989 [Private Collection]

open to interpretation

ETH-0518 "Mnemonic #2 (Feb 1976)" Bic pen 13x17" 1989 [Private Collection]

the first in a long series

ETH-0706 "Portrait, in Black and White #26, medusa" mixed media 38x38" 1991 [Private Collection]

ballpoint pen collage drawing of Lennon

ETH-0759 "John Lennon No.2" ballpoint pen 14x17 1992

Diamond Head seen from Magic Island

ETH-1560 "Leahi, Oahu No.4" oil 5x7 2009 [giclee on canvas available]

a series of unrelated images

ETH-0375 "The Red Planet" oil 18x24" 1987 [Private Collection]

face studies in a grouping

ETH-2350 "Dead Clown Clubb" oil 18x24 2011

men's breifs on a clothesline

ETH-1159 "Ray" oil 12x16" 2004 [Private Collection]

I've also started a Pet Portrait page since I will soon have extra time on my hands to tackle such projects.

[Pet Commissions]

This former upstate NY artist arrived in paradise at the end of the last century. Before long he turned his attention, somewhat, from portrait and figure work to include the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the ocean surrounding them.

Harnas began to pursue Art as a career in 1979 when he took the Best of Show in his first juried art show. While pursuing a career in radio and television broadcasting, Harnas also worked at his artistic ideas. Except for attending an occasional workshop, Harnas is pretty much a self-developed artist who enjoys experimenting with technique, media and subject matter. Such discoveries have involved assorted media, including traditional oils, acrylics, and intaglio, to the less obvious, such as audio/video, crayons, markers and the Bic ballpoint pen; surfaces range from canvas to paper bags.

Harnas enjoys looking for new directions and interpretations of a variety of themes. His subjects vary from the charming aspects of the Hawaii landscape amid urban sprawl, to the landmarks of his birthplace, portraits and figure studies.

Sometimes there is a union of realistic subjects in unusual and interesting combinations; often in mixed media.

Harnas’s work has been included in many exhibitions in both his former home state, and adopted state. Others of his work have been featured in numerous competitions at galleries, museums, and universities across the United States since 1979. His works were chosen for these exhibitions by such noted curators, and art experts as Lisa Phillips, formerly with the Whitney Museum, New York City, Ned Rifkin, from the Hirshhorn, Washington, D.C. and Sherry French, of the Sherry French Gallery, New York City. His work has been accepted in competitions at the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY; Stedman Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ; Clemson University, Clemson, SC; and Brigham Young University, Provo UT among other art shows.

Consequently, his works are in private collections throughout the U.S., as well as Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Harnas is represented by West End Gallery.

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